2022 2nd International Conference on Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Computing Science(CSAMCS 2022)
Call for papers

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Applied Mathematics:


Computational Science:

Matrix Theory 

Linear Algebra

Complex Analysis

Differential Equations

Laplace Transform

Fourier Analysis

Numerical Analysis

Ontrol Theory 


Functional Science 

Computational Mathematics 

Optimization and Its Algorithm 

Mathematical Psychology 

Psychology Application of Information Economics

The Application of Multivariate Statistical Analysis

The Application of Time Series Analysis, Stochastic Process

Data Modeling and Prediction of The Interest Theory and Application

International Finance

Database System and Application Development

Statistical Theories and Methods

Statistical Computing

Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Statistical Forecasting and Decision-making

Statistical Mechanics

Statistics and Logic Statistics Law 

Economic Statistics

Management Statistics

Science and Technology Statistics

Social Statistics 

Education Statistics

Medical Statistics

Environmental and Ecological Statistics

International Statistics 

Engineering Statistics

Literature Statistical Analysis 

Chemical and Process Analysis

Reliability Engineering

Application of Numerical Analysis

Figure Collection

Monte Carlo Method

Molecular Dynamics

The Model Fitting and Data Analysis

Computational Mathematics 

Computational Physics

Computational Chemistry

Computational Finance

Large-scale Scientific and Engineering Computing

Social Computing

Quantum Computing

The Calculation of The People-oriented

 Machine Learning

 Network Analysis

 Pattern Recognition

 Distributed and Parallel Systems

 High-performance Computing and Algorithm

 Web - and  Grid-based Computing and Simulation

 MATLAB Programming and Application

 Cognitive Computing

 Cloud Computing

 Embedded Computing

 Scalable Computing

 Mobile Computing

*Other related topics